360RIZE 3 360 video rig for GO-PRO action cameras


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The Pro6L v2 from 360RIZE is designed to be mounted on drones, vehicles, and helmets to create semi-spherical 360 Degree video. Supporting five GoPro HERO3/3+/4 cameras on the horizon and one on top, the Pro6L v2 produces dome-shaped coverage, with a 60 Degree blind spot (or nadir) at the bottom. It can also be rigged upside down, in which case the top will be left open. The Pro6L v2 is ideal when you need to mount a 360 Degree rig close to an object or surface. When attached to a drone, it should be centered and balanced. It can also be used for 360 video live streaming. The cameras on the horizon attach in portrait orientation, facing outward, and angled downward to increase frame overlap and reduce the size of the nadir. Such a design allows you to mount the system flush to a surface, such as a vehicle hood or bottom of a drone, while minimizing parallax issues. The camera holders are positioned hinged, allowing for easy camera installation and removal, and the cameras connect plug-and-play. The rig requires no power cables and instead uses a minimal amount of power from each camera battery. However, it also leaves full access to the cameras' HDMI and USB ports in case you want to connect an external power source and go beyond the available battery capacity or use the cameras for live streaming. The Pro6L v2 features an anodized aluminum, durable core and offers a 3/8"-16 mounting thread on the bottom.

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