3Plus Callie Hybrid SmartWatch for Women, 30+ Day Battery | Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, TFT Vibrant Display, Sleep Tracker, Calorie/Step Counter, Music Controls, for iPhone and Android | Rose Gold

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Make fitness your lifestyle with the 3Plus Callie Hybrid Fitness Smart Watch that features a sleek design with outstanding functionality. The 3Plus Callie is designed with physical watch hands and a vibrant color smart touch screen display that is perfect for keeping track of time and recording a variety of fitness stats. By incorporating the key features of a smartwatch with the traditional hands of an analog watch, you have access to a number of phone features with the look of a luxury watch. Read and receive your text messages, social media notifications, calendar alerts and call alerts all on the Callie to always stay in touch with friends and family. The Callie helps you track your heart rate, steps, calories burned, distance traveled and active minutes during the day and can measure the quality of your sleep at night to maximize workouts, improve health, and reach goals. Create custom watch faces, set reminders, check the weather, control your music and more all from the convenience of your 3Plus Callie Hybrid Smart Watch and succeed with living a happy, healthy life!

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