Accusplit AX2720 Accelerometer Pedometer-Steps & Activity Timer


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AX2720 Ultra Thin Accelerometer Pedometer is the newest addition to the Accusplit family. It's Certified Accurate for Research. The AX2720 is the second model in the AX2700 series. It has 2 basic features, 1: Records your steps up to 100,000 steps and 2: It comes with an Automatic Activity Timer that counts up to 100 Hrs. It gives an Accurate Step Count at every angle of Tilt. Accusplit TW20 Pedometer engine. Over 1 year battery power-an unheard of feature in pedometers with accelerometer sensors. Two New Functions help keep power consumption low, 1: Hibernate Mode: From factory to user and 2: Sleep Mode: After 5 minutes of no activity. The 5 second Display Accuracy Filter prevents recording false steps. Ultra Thin case. Magnum display digits for easy viewing. Walk, Run or Jog with unit. Shock resistant. The LR43 battery is included with unit. ACCUSPLIT's 5-Year Dual, No Proof and Proof of Purchase Limited Warranty. A Free 3 way pedometer leash is included (and attached).

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