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Acoustic Audio RSG6BT Powered Bluetooth Indoor or Outdoor Granite 6.5" Rock Speaker Pair


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Fill your outdoor deck, garden or patio with high quality sound. These powered Bluetooth wired Acoustic Audio granite style 2-way weatherproof rock speakers are manufactured from high tech plastics, rubber and other materials that have been extensively tested for durability. These multi-layer composite cabinets with rust resistant steel grills are weatherproof against rain, snow, salt, ice, pool chemicals and more. The 6.5 inch 8ohm woofers have butyl rubber surrounds with polypropylene cones. These Acoustic Audio rock speakers are "voiced" for outdoor performance. Their sound is contoured to provide the best performance in open air environments. They blend perfectly with other Acoustic Audio outdoor speakers. The drivers are angled upwards 20 degrees in the enclosure to deliver great sound when placed at ground level.

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