AlienWare BTYVOY1 9 Cell Battery for M17X R3 and R4


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9 Cell BTYVOY1 Battery for AlienWare M17X R3 and R4 The battery for the Alienware M17x BTYVOY1 series laptop comes in two different shapes. In order to ensure that you receive the correct battery you should take your battery out and compare it to the picture above. The Alienware M17X laptop was sold as four different revisions. This battery only fits the R3 and R4 versions of the M17x. This BTYVOY1 battery replacement is 100% compatible with the original Alienware battery specifications and is individually tested and backed by a 1 year warranty. Tech Specs Xtend brand 11.1 Volts - same as 10.8 Volts 85 Whr 9 Cell Li-ion Samsung (South Korea) Black Assembled in China 1 Year Warranty 30 day full satisfaction guarantee 300-500 recharge cycles You can expect about 2 - 3.5 hours of run time with this BTYVOY1 battery when new, depending on your energy use. Replaces these Alienware BTYVOY1 battery part numbers: C0C5M 0H134J 318-0397 BTYVO1 BTYV01 BTY-VOY1 BTY-V0Y1

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