Alpine S-W10D4 10 Inch Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer Driver for Cars, Trucks & Motor Vehicles


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Alpine S-W10D4. 10 Inch Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer Driver Overview: Add Bass to Practically Any Vehicle Don���t think you have room for a subwoofer? Think again. The new S-W8D2 and S-W8D4 8��� S-Series subwoofers have a shallow mounting depth of just 3-3/4��� and can be used in a sealed box enclosure as small as.15 cubic foot. It is perfect for under seats, behind rear bench seats in trucks, or even in some door applications. Versatile Applications Along with the new 8��� woofer, the 10��� and 12��� S-Series subwoofers have been re-designed from the ground up. The mounting depth of the 10��� and 12��� subwoofers are almost 1��� more shallow than previous models at just over 4. 5��� for the 10��� models and just over 5��� for the 12��� models, allowing them to fit into a wide variety of installation applications. 600W Power Handling The 10��� and 12��� S-Series subwoofers are engineered with an improved voice coil allowing the woofer to benefit from an increased power rating of 600 watts. Match them with the powerful VPower MRV-M500 mono amplifier for a great subwoofer system. Custom-Stamped Steel Frame Each S-Series subwoofer uses a custom-stamped steel frame. These high-strength frames were designed to withstand the rigors of the improved S-Series motor. They have frame leg vents as well as a vented back plate to help cool the subwoofer voice coil and motor parts, plus a shallow design to help fit in smaller spaces. Push-Type Insert Terminals with Dual Voice Coil Jumper System The push-type insert terminals help reduce the installation time of the S-Series subwoofers. Just strip the speaker insulation at the wire end, then insert the bare wire into the hole of the spring-loaded push terminal. Strontium Ferrite Double-Stacked Magnets The S-Series subwoofers use two strontium ferrite magnets stacked together, for increased motor strength and excursion which ultimately leads to more bass output. Clean, Concealed Mount Gasket System The S-Series subwoofers have concealed mount gaskets, creating a clean, finished appearance for any vehicle. Optional Grilles All S-Series subwoofers are compatible with optional grilles (sold separately) to provide added protection to the cone. The grilles feature a mesh design with a S-Series logo badge. Choose from the following to match the size of your subwoofer; all grilles are sold as single pieces. KTE-8G: For 8��� S-Series Subwoofers KTE-10G.2: For 10��� S-Series Subwoofers KTE-12G.2: For 12��� S-Series Subwoofers S-W10D4 10��� Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer Speaker Rating: CTA-2031 compliant Max RMS Power Capacity: 600W RMS Peak Power Capacity: 1800W Peak Power Handling Frequency Response: 28Hz-200Hz Mounting Depth 4-11/16��� Recommended Sealed Box: 0. 58 cubic foot (gross volume) Recommended Vented Box: 1. 30 cubic foot (gross volume), 10��� x 1��� vent area, 17��� vent length.

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