AmerTac - Zenith

AmerTac - Zenith VN1ANTA15 Antenna Active FLAT


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Our sleek flat panel design VN1ANTA15 amplified antenna has high gain, low noise wide band amplifiers with a blue power indicator light; it's designed for HDTV and capable of receiving the maximum 1080i or 720p HDTV programming whenever it is transmitted (full 1080p programming is only available through Blu-ray and some gaming platforms, not over the airwaves). The conversion to digital-only broadcasting has increased the number of channels available to many consumers and our amplified antennas allow them to take full advantage. The conversion also helped increase the quality of the picture (no more snow). We enhance that by boosting the signal to provide optimum picture performance. Our flat design also offers 2-way positioning for best reception. It comes with power adapter and 58" coax cable.

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