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Atlantic Technology 3.1 HSB Speaker Base with H-PAS-Enabled Subwoofer (Black)


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The Atlantic Technology 3.1 HSB is a TV Speaker Base that houses passive left, center and right speakers, as well as an 80 watt powered "H-PAS-enabled" down-firing subwoofer, all in one compact sturdy cabinet 4-3/4 inches high, 36 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. Developed to fit under any flat panel TV up to 60" wide, placed on a credenza or entertainment stand, the 3.1 HSB is designed to be combined with a quality AV receiver. (There is no sound bar or sound base at any price that offers the power and flexibility of an entry level AV Receiver.) Pairing the 3.1 HSB H-PAS Speaker Base with an AV receiver gives the consumer a compelling home theater experience--with options to add optional "real" surround speakers--combined with a real H-PAS subwoofer that delivers room shaking bass down to 35 Hz.

Atlantic Technology 3.1 HSB Soundbase Review

Performance Features Ergonomics Value PRICE $799 AT A GLANCE Plus Impressive bass without external sub Smooth, unfussy top end Suitable for TVs up to 100 pounds Minus Passive design requires use of an AV receiver THE VERDICT Atlantic Technology’s 3.1 HSB uses H-PAS bass technology to deliver real bass response along with enviable smoothness and dynamics. Visualize, if you will, a home theater system with a flat-panel TV and 5.1-channel surround sound. For many readers, this is nirvana. For others, it’s too much stuff—a TV, three speakers in front, two surrounds, and a subwoofer. How do you reduce the intrusion into the room? Wall-mounting the TV is a no-brainer. Now imagine that the three front speakers have disappeared, along with that pesky sub. What’s left, you’re probably thinking, is some kind of typical soundbase or bar. It offers bass hardly worthy of the name, fake surround, and a fraction of the features of a receiver-based system. For this Atlantic Technology model, you got the first part right—the 3.1 HSB is a soundbase—but the rest is wrong.

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