ATN OTS-HD 384 2-8x, 384x288, 25 mm, Thermal Monocular w/ High Res Video, Geotagging, Rangefinder, WiFi, E-Compass, E-Zoom, 3D Gyroscope, IOS & Android Apps


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Why the need for the best thermal digital monocular? It’s of course because you can pick up any heat signature, in any weather condition, day or night! ATN’s OTS-HD is a thermal imager that can allow you to see minute differences in heat on a screen, letting you see through smoke and debris or quickly find hogs even in a farmer’s fields. These night vision monocular can even be an effective tool for quick surveillance needs, because they work equally well in the day and night. * Thermal Sensor with 384*288 pixel HD resolution - the powerful thermal sensor gives the ability to catch heat signatures and let you see clearly in total darkness * Smart Rangefinder - thermal monocular accurately measures precise distances to a subject using built-in rangefinder * 3D Gyroscope and E-compass - gyroscopic image stabilization reduces natural hand shake and provides clear, sharp images. E-compass helps to navigate your way * E-Zoom - this enables the device to focus on distant objects with clarity * High Resolution Video Recording & Photos, Wi-Fi Streaming - allow you to record and stream video, share pictures from your hunting trip with friends. Firmware upgradeable Now, grab the latest OTS-HD Obsidian Core thermal monocular, with the fastest and most powerful processor around, lightning fast speed and lag-free performance. Then, set off on that deep woods adventure! What are you waiting for?

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