AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm to RCA Cable - 6.5 feet


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Evergreen The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge connects Seattle Washington (USA) to the Bellevue area across Lake Washington. Since opening in 1963 its 2285 meters (7497 ft) makes it the longest floating bridge in the world. The structure includes 33 pre-stressed concrete pontoons averaging 110 meters (360 ft) long and 18 meters (60 ft) wide. SOLID LONG-GRAIN COPPER (LGC) CONDUCTORS: Solid conductors eliminate strand-interaction distortion. Evergreen���s solid Long-Grain Copper allows a smoother and clearer sound than cables using regular OFHC (Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity) copper. OFHC is a general metal industry specification regarding ���loss��� without any concern for distortion. LGC has fewer oxides within the conducting material less impurities less grain boundaries and definitively better performance AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm to RCA Cable - 6.5 feet

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