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Black Box Network Services LGB5124A-R2 [20]sfp Gigabit+[4] Combo Managed Switch


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Get advanced switching and performance capabilities found in more expensive switches. Provides superior manageability, security, QoS, and performance. Well suited for workgroups, office LANs, and enterprise networks carrying higher-priority traffic for powerful applications. Bundle multiple ports for higher bandwidth with Link Aggregate Control Protocol aggregation. Programmable QoS classification and prioritization. Robust security with VLAN capabilities. OAM and CFM for easy set-up and management. Manage via the Web or Command Line. Supports the multi-node ring protection architecture. Dual power input for redundancy. This advanced, fully-manageable Layer 2 switch gives you networking versatility. It features 24 high-speed fiber ports: (20) 100-/1000-Mbps SFP fiber ports and (4) dual-media 100-/1000-Mbps SFP/twisted-pair ports. This all fiber switch gives you the flexibility to select a variety of ranges with SFP transceivers. Advanced functions in an economical package. This switch offers advanced switching and security features normally found in more expensive switches. You'll get extensive management capabilities, greater bandwidth control, and QoS for switching in VoIP and other real-time, high-performance applications. Pack up the trunk. To provide more bandwidth to a specific application or segment, combine ports using the switch's 802.3ad Link Aggregate Control Protocol (LACP) capabilities. With this bandwidth aggregation feature, the combined ports create a multilink trunk for load sharing. The switch supports 12 groups with 8 ports per group. High-level service. The switch offers extensive Quality of Service support including prioritization, classification, scheduling, rate limitations, and more. The switch also supports eight hardware queues. Safe and secure. Your network is safe with this switch. It also offers MAC address filtering and VLAN ca

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