Casio XJ-S400WN Lampfree 4000-Lumen WXGA R-Laser DLP Projector


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Lamp Free. Mercury Free. Stress-free. Casio’s Superior Series Lamp Free projectors use Casio’s R-Laser & LED light source to produce crisp clear images and brilliant colors. Dust resistant designs with no lamps or filters to replace provide long lasting performance of up to 20, 000 hours with minimal maintenance. The XJ-S400W and XJ-S400WN projectors provide high brightness of 4000 lumens in WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution. With the network model XJ-S400WN collaboration and connection is simplified using Casio’s Educational Solutions. One Click Connection enables teachers and students to start class quickly. Wireless features such as PC Remote and Moderator Function allow teachers to project their own PC display or select a student’s PC display from anywhere in a classroom. Up to 40 PCs can be connected to the projector at one time and up to 4 PCs displayed on-screen simultaneously.

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