Comply Isolation Plus Noise Cancelling Memory Foam Earphone Tips for Audio-Technical, Bose QuietComfort 20, Denon, JVC, RHA, SoundMAGIC &More, Replacement Secure Fit Earbud Tips, Tx-400 (Medium,3 Pair) - 19-40101-11


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HEAR MORE: ISOLATION PLUS SERIES Comply’s Isolation Series Foam Tips are specifically engineered to harness the sound of music in its entirety while barricading the onslaught of outside sound. Isolation Series premium earphone tips are built with the musician, athlete and everyday listener in mind. If you’re seeking total noise isolation, you’ve found your earphone mecca. Hearing Components is committed to making your listening experience the best it can be, despite how loud the world gets around you. Comply Premium Memory Foam Earbud Tips Advantages: • 100% better grip than silicone tips ensure they’ll stay secure during a workout • 30x softer than silicone tips for a comfortable experience and no ear pain • 2x external dB reduction for enhanced sound at lower volumes • Made in the USA (of U.S. & imported goods) • Body-heat activated foam conforms to shape of ear canal for a secure fit • Creates a perfect seal for enhanced sound quality and comfort • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed • Recommended by audiophiles COMPATIBILITY Multiple core sizes to fit all major earphone brands. See to find the correct Comply™ core size for your earphone 400 core size fits: AKG IP-2, K 324, K 370, K 390NC, Q350, K 391NC; Anker SoundBuds Curve, SoundBuds Surge; most Audio-Technica models; most beyerdynamic models; Bose QuietComfort 20; Bowers & Wilkins C5; most Brainwavz models; most Campfire Audio models; most Denon models; most HiFiMAN models; most House of Marley models; Hussar Magicbuds II; JBL V100BT , Under Armour Sport Wireless, Synchros E10, Roxy Reference 250, J22i; most JLAB Audio models; most JVC models; KZ ZS3; LG Tone HBS-A80, Tone Free HBS-F110, Tone+ (HBS-730), Tone Ultra (HBS-800), Tone Pro (HBS-750), Tone Infinim (HBS-900), Tone+ HBS-500, Tone (HBS-700); MEE Audio Rx18, CX21P, M11, M16-MT, M21, M21P, M31, M9, R1, RX12, SP51, SX-31, N8, N9, AF12, AF9-BK, M-Duo, M9P; Monoprice 8320 Enhanced Bass, 8322 Hi-Fi Stud, 9927 Enhanced Bass, 9963 Enhanced Bass; Monster Butterfly, Jamz, Lil' Jamz, Miles Davis Tribute, Inspiration; Munitio Billets 9mm, Billets MW3, NINES; most NuForce models; most Panasonic models; most Phaiser models; Pioneer Rayz, Rayz Plus, SE-CL721, SE-CL331-H, SE-NC31C-K; Razer Moray+, Adaro; RBH H2, EP1, EP2, EP3; most RHA models; Rowkin Pulse; Samsung Advanced ANC, EHS44, EHS64, HM3700, HS-330; Sennheiser CX-200, CX-270, CX-280, CX-300, CX-300 II, CX-380, CX-400, CX-400 II, CX-500, CX-6, CX-95, IE-4, MM 30i, MM-50, MM-70i, MM-80i, CX 215, IE 60, CX 475, MM-70s, CX 275s, CX 2.00G, CX 1.00, Ambeo Smart Headset; most Skullcandy models; Sony MDR-XB80BS/B, C400, MDR-AS40EX, MDR-EX32, MDR-EX51LP, MDR-EX55LP, MDR-EX75, MDR-EX81LP, MDR-EX85LP, MDR-EX90LP, MDR-NC11, MDR-NC22, NWZ-W262; most SoundMAGIC models; Symphonized NRG; TaoTronics TT-BH10; Treblab X2; Xiaomi Pistons

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