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Definitive Technology BP6 Tower Loudspeaker (Single, Black)


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The Sonic Superiority of Bipolar Loudspeakers Definitive Technology's BP6B is a revolutionary audiophile-engineered, designer-styled loudspeaker intended for musical reproduction and home theater systems of the highest quality. This full-range bipolar (front and rear) radiating system combines the lush spacious soundstaging, lifelike depth-of-field, razor-sharp resolution and pinpoint imaging of the finest dipolar panel loudspeakers with the extended bass response, high-efficiency, wide dynamic range and easy-to-position convenience of the best conventional box systems. Thousands of man-hours of critical listening and engineering utilizing the most advanced computer loudspeaker development programs available--along with fundamental research at the world's most advanced loudspeaker research facility--have combined to create unmatched instruments for the reproduction of music or movies in your home. Bipolar design fits a huge soundscape into a slim 7 x 11 footprint Superior Definitive Technology Many experts and audiophiles agree that bipolar speakers are superior for both music and home theater. Each speaker incorporates two complete sets of drivers, one facing forward and the other facing to the rear. Definitive's speakers radiate the full sonic spectrum both forward and rearward in an omni-directional pattern, exactly as sound is produced in real life. The sonic benefits you hear are dramatic. This unique technology provides you with a lifelike balance of early-arrival sound information, which provides focus, clarity and location data, and properly delayed late-arrival information, which conveys the lush three-dimensional soundstage of a live music or cinematic performance. This combination creates a huge soundfield that is rich, warm, ultra-clear and vibrantly alive. Bipolar technology assures a superb panorama of lifelike sound for every listener wherever they are in the room. Most importantly, it will make the walls of your room seem to disappea

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