Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht Marine HDTV & Fm Amplified TV Antenna

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The Dtv100 is a high performance, Omni-directional TV antenna providing great reception of the latest digital, terrestrial TV signals while afloat. The DIGITAL YACHT dtv100's super sensitive design and hi gain amplifier, Suck in even the weakest of signals. It's Omni-directional too so requires no complicated aligning plus it will also provide a feed for an FM stereo radio. Most countries are now transmitting National free to view digital TV channels, some even in HD, and with the dtv100's sleek 280mm (11 inch ) diameter, high sensitivity, Omni-directional antenna design and fully adjustable, high gain, powered amplifier (-7DB to 29DB), you can tune in to all of them with perfect digital reception. Start taking advantage of free HD digital TV Entertainment today and enjoy a few home luxuries on board.

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