Earthquake Sound

Earthquake Sound Imãge in-Wall Speaker with Paintable Grilles


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The Earthquake Sound imãge-83x brings a new dimension of reality and convenience to a flush-mount design. This three-way in-wall surround speaker Features a unique adjustable tweeter that allows the creation of custom enveloping sound fields and localized effects without disrupting a home's decor. A 4" X 6" Carbon fiber cone mid-range elliptical driver delivers a wider dispersion of sound and more vocal clarity. Tonal adjustments can be made in +/-3dB increments for even the most particular tastes. For bass, The imãge-83x has a high quality 8" Carbon fiber cone subwoofer with phase plug, for the most precise and accurate bass that you have ever heard from an in-wall. Designed for surround use in 5.1 and 2-channel systems, The imãge-83x employs an 8" Carbon fiber cone woofer, a single 1" Neo silk dome tweeter for enhanced high frequency plus a 4" X 6" Carbon fiber cone mid-range. Because of its adjustable tweeter, high precision mid-range as well as expanded surround woofer and back box, The imãge-83x out performs conventional designs by maximizing diffusion, clarity and efficiency.

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