Earthquake Sound

Earthquake Sound LIMESTONE-10D 10-inch Rock Subwoofer (Single)


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The ROCK-on subwoofer from Earthquake Sound, the Limestone-10D, features high power crossovers that reduce distortions and deliver pure sound that blends in with nature. The Limestone-10D brings bass to your outdoor space, something that is greatly needed in today's rock speaker market. Limestone-10D's port is "S" shaped so water cannot get trapped inside. Earthquake Sound has tested and retested the Limestone-10D subwoofer to ensure it is up to par with Earthquake's reputable line of subs. Combined with the Limestone-82 speakers, you can turn any backyard into an entertainment center. ROCK-on outdoor speakers are the ideal choice for listening to music in the garden, by the pool, in the yard, or on the patio.

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