Earthquake Sound

Earthquake Sound MiniMe P8_V2 8-inch Passive Tuned Powered Mini Subwoofer, White


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The Earthquake Sound MiniMe P8WV2 subwoofer uses advanced class D circuitry with over 90% efficiency, allowing it to continuously perform without getting hot. Earthquake's own patented Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System (SLAPS) passive radiator technology dramatically increases the subwoofer's efficiency and capability for ultra low frequency reproduction. The unique design of the SLAPS employs dual identical suspensions, allowing the passive driver to move the same amount of air in either direction. Coupled with the active driver, the SLAPS enables the sub to deliver louder bass without using more power from the amplifier. The deep, luxurious white piano lacquer on the cabinet begins with a thorough sanding and priming, followed by multiple applications of the lacquer, fine sanding between each layer, and finishing with a smooth, high gloss clear coat.

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