Eaton AIM10-LA ACCELL Smart Dimmer Master Switch with Preset for Various Lamp Types, Light Almond Finish


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The Eaton AIM10-LA ACCELL Smart Dimmer Master Switch features an electro-mechanical push pad for convenient on and off operation with a separate dim and brightening bar. This dimmer's push pad design provides minimal travel and quick activation. An LED light level display is included with this master dimmer switch for presetting illumination levels. This preset feature allows you to return to the previous light setting when turning lights on and off. An amber-colored LED is located at the bottom of the LED display to indicate on and off load status, while green LEDs on the push bad indicate the selected light level and reduces brightness when off, giving you an added night light feature. The AIM10-LA is compatible with incandescent, halogen and magnetic low-voltage lamp types. This master switch provides a speedy installation process with its virtually unbreakable welded top and back body, extra long and extra wide mounting straps, as well as easily accessible ground screws. Other features include Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) to filter radio, audio and video equipment, electrostatic discharge protection and additional color change kits (not included) are available for versatility. The Eaton AIM10-LA ACCELL Smart Dimmer Master Switch features a light almond finish. Whether a home's style is traditional, modern, casual, cozy or rustic, it will demand more from wiring devices than in years past. Eaton is dedicated to providing the up-to-date wiring device solutions; solutions that increase energy efficiency, increase productivity, promote safety at work and in the home and produce reliable performance. Eaton is a trusted name in electrical products for over 175-years.

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