ELAC - Debut IC-DT61-W Custom in-Ceiling Home Theater Speaker (Ea)


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Enjoy New, Hyper-Realistic Perspectives on Music and Movies: Andrew Jones-Designed ELAC Debut IC-DT61-W Custom In-Ceiling Loudspeaker Has Drivers Angled at 30 Degrees, Disappears from View Get an excitingly new perspective on your music and movies courtesy of ELAC 's versatile Debut IC-DT61-W custom in-ceiling loudspeaker with angled drivers . Providing heightened sonic realism by way of drivers angled at 30 degrees, IC-DT61-W delivers overachieving performance whether used as a front, side, or rear speaker. Designed by Andrew Jones , and based on ELAC 's groundbreaking Debut Series B6 bookshelf loudspeaker, this custom-tailored instrument specializes in preserving the imaging, detail, and nuance critical to audiophile sound. Aesthetically, IC-DT61-W gives you the advantage of virtual invisibility as well as the ability to place it practically anywhere – turning any room into the equivalent of a sonic temple. Just as he did for Debut Series B6 , Jones custom-designed the tweeter and bass drivers in IC-DT61-W , which boasts a 6.5-inch woven aramid-fiber woofer with oversized magnets. A cloth-dome tweeter, deep-spheroid waveguide, customized six-element crossover, magnetic metal grille, and robust molded cabinets also come standard. So does IC-DT61-W 's seamless pairing ability with ELAC 's other Debut Architectural Series in-wall loudspeakers and in-wall center-channel speaker. Consider all reservations against in-wall, whole-house customization gone for good. IC-DT61-W permanently changes the game. Andrew Jones-Designed Drivers Match Intricate Crossover, Spheroid Waveguide Andrew Jones custom-designed both the tweeter and bass driver to deliver an exceptional audio experience that can't be delivered with typical off-the-shelf parts. A custom crossover with audio-grade components ensures smooth transition between drivers.

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