ELAC - Debut IW-D61-W Custom in-Wall Speaker (Ea)


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Audiophile Sound and Near-Invisible Custom Installation at an Affordable Cost: Designed by Andrew Jones, ELAC Debut IW-D61-W In-Wall Loudspeaker Based on Groundbreaking Debut B6 The freedom of customizable installation and genuine audiophile performance become a reality with the ELAC Debut IW-D61-W custom in-wall loudspeaker . Entirely based on the groundbreaking, award-winning ELAC Debut B6 bookshelf speaker, IW-D61-W is specially designed for the needs of listeners that want their speakers to be practically invisible, tailored to match exact layout parameters, or concealed to save space and preserve aesthetics. Ideal for home theaters and dedicated music systems, IW-D61-W can be placed anywhere in walls and deliver sound with the remarkable fidelity of Debut B6 . Inside, both speakers are nearly exactly the same – and both are the result of acclaimed audio designer Andrew Jones ' technical smarts. The high-quality parts, engineering expertise, and customized arrays in the two-way IW-D61-W cannot be found anywhere else for this cost. Once you hear IW-D61-W used either as a main or as a surround in a multichannel setup, you'll know exactly why this speaker is so special. It hits with serious punch, genuine bass, and standout dynamics. Jones custom-designed the tweeter and bass drivers in IW-D61-W , which boasts a 6.5-inch woven aramid-fiber woofer with oversized magnets. A cloth-dome tweeter, deep-spheroid waveguide, customized six-element crossover, magnetic metal grille, slim profile, and robust molded cabinets seal the deal. And of course, IW-D61-W perfectly mates with ELAC 's other Debut Architectural Series in-wall center-channel and in-ceiling speakers, also available from Music Direct . Build your dream theater room with IW-D61-W today! Andrew Jones-Designed Drivers Match Intricate Crossover, Spheroid Waveguide 
 Andrew Jones

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