ELAC - Debut IW-DC51-W Custom in-Wall Center Channel Speaker (Ea)


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Engaging Center-Channel Sound without Any Bulky Speaker in View: Designed by Andrew Jones, ELAC Debut IW-DC51-W Custom In-Wall Center-Channel Loudspeaker Invites You to Enjoy the Show The ELAC Debut IW-DC51-W custom in-wall center-channel loudspeaker eliminates a complaint common to many home-theater and surround-sound system enthusiasts: The sight of a bulky speaker in line with the video screen. Designed by Andrew Jones , based on the Debut Series C5 , and made to virtually disappear into a wall, IW-DC51-W gives you complete seamlessness along with all of the high-fidelity sound you demand. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Indeed, IW-DC51-W treats sound as panoramic landscapes imploring to be laid out in detailed, vivid, and transparent fashion before your eyes. Able to seamlessly mate with ELAC 's other Debut Architectural Series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for a multichannel setup, IW-DC51-W offers formidable, lifelike performance that puts film dialogue and music information exactly where it needs to be in the soundstage. Defying its low cost, IW-DC51-W owes its sonic abilities to Jones ' expertise and a range of high-end parts, features, and build-quality characteristics never before available at this price. A one-inch cloth tweeter, two 5.25-inch woven aramid-fiber woofers with oversized magnets, a deep-spheroid custom waveguide, and a custom crossover for smooth transition between drivers complement a robust molded cabinet that eliminates unwanted vibrations. ELAC has done it again. Andrew Jones-Designed Drivers Match Intricate Crossover, Spheroid Waveguide Andrew Jones custom-designed both the tweeter and bass driver to deliver an exceptional audio experience that can't be delivered with typical off-the-shelf parts. A custom crossover with audio-grade components ensures smooth transition between

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