ELAC DS-Z31W-G Discovery Z3 Wireless Speaker Streaming Music Black


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ELAC's Discovery Z3 is a high-performance wireless speaker that streams room-filling stereo sound from a compact package. 140 watts of powerful built-in amplification drives ELAC's custom-designed transducers to deliver crystal-clear highs and deep bass with so much impact you'll think there's a subwoofer hidden in the room! With just one system, you can stream all your favorite music using your smartphone or tablet, to any room in your home. Unlike most compact systems that use a lightweight, injection-molded cabinet, o -the shelf drivers and inexpensive digital amps, the Discovery Z3 is engineered from the ground up. A solid MDF cabinet eliminates resonances, while custom ELAC drivers make Z3 sound like a system many times its size-and cost.

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