Elac - Sensible Speaker Cable (10Ft)


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True to their name: flexible, budget-friendly Elac sensible speaker cables offer high-value, high-performance quotient and deliver full bandwidth and pure signal transmission true to their name, Elac sensible speaker cables are a no-brainer for listeners seeking a high-value, high-performance quotient. Designed to deliver full bandwidth, excellent conductivity, and coloration-free naturalism, sensible cables are comprised of four-nines (99.99%) oxygen-free copper and a durable braided jacket that withstands repeat handling. Able to both bend and lie flat, sensible also features a polyethylene Dielectric to provide both superior insulation and low Dielectric loss to ensure clean signal transmission. Brass connectors fitted with 24K gold-plated beryllium copper contacts for maximum reliability and threaded anodized barrels complete a budget-friendly speaker cable that's at once Practical, Prudent, and pure. 100% music direct guaranteed.

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