Foldable Wireless Touch Keyboard


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Having a hard time typing text messages using your phone or tablets touchscreen?Save time and work faster with the newest foldable Wireless Keyboard on the market!Stay connected on your phone and tablet freely, anywhere you go, using this Foldable Touch Keyboard! Set yourself free from being tethered to your computer! This foldable keyboard fully functions with your smartphone or tablet.Pairing Connection: 1. Turn on the power at the side of the keyboard, a blue light will illuminate, press the Wireless connection button, the blue light will twinkle and go into pairing mode. 2. Open your smartphone/tablets Bluetooth connection settings 3. You will find the ���Keyboard��� and click to begin pairing. 4. Enter the password to successfully pair devices. 5. Once your keyboard is paired, you are free to use it! Remarks: After connecting successfully the next time you don���t need to pair the devices again, just open the keyboard, turn on the power switch on the keyboard and your smartphone/tablets. The devices will automatically sync and connect.

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