GE 34134 Pro Crystal HD Amplified TV Antenna - 40 Mile Range - Indoor – Horizontal or Vertical Stand Included - VHF / UHF / HDTV - Optimized for FULLHD 1080p and 4K Ready


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Do you stream videos through a PC, game console or other device? By adding a GE Pro Crystal HD Amplified Antenna, you get free local channels in superior HD as well! Made for enhanced high-definition reception, the Pro Crystal HD Amplified Antenna optimizes your free digital channels in full 1080P HD.  Compatible with all television brands, the GE Pro Crystal HD Amplified Antenna is the ideal counterpart to streaming digital content, helping you eliminate pricey cable and satellite services for good.  This product is backed by a limited-lifetime warranty.Note: Antenna reception range is based on a line of sight signal path from the TV broadcast towers to your home.  Several factors can limit reception range at your location.  Some of these are mountainous and hilly terrian, obstructions in the signal path and metal construction materials. Position your antenna towards the broadcast towers for best performance.

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