General Gem 20 Quart Planetary Mixer - White Glove


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The incredible General�� Gem 20 Quart Planetary Mixer is an essential tool for residential and commercial kitchens, helping you whip up quality doughs and batters of every variety. It's a must-have for anyone who has to make a high volume of baked goods and has a dynamic range of features that makes it stand out from the commercial stand mixer crowd. About General Gem 20 Quart Planetary Mixer The General Gem 20 Quart Planetary Mixer has a three-speed mixer and an enclosed and lubricated 1.5hp thermally protected motor, making it capable of handling any task you put it to. It comes equipped with a 20-quart stainless-steel mixing bowl with a lift that is lever operated to lock it into place securely. The bowl guard above the bowl has a magnetic lock that prevents the unit from running if it's unlocked. All parts are sturdy, easy to remove and attach and simple to clean. What Attachments Come with This Commercial Stand Mixer? Aside from the mixer, bowl and bowl guard, this commercial kitchen mixer also comes with stainless-steel attachments, including a wire whip, a spiral dough hook and a flat batter beater, all you need to make the delicious, professional baked goods you need. Who Needs This Commercial Dough Mixer? Anyone who does a lot of baking! This is a wonderful tool for aspiring pro bakers and is a staple in professional kitchens across the country. It's perfect in pizza shops, bakeries and restaurants of every description. It's a versatile device that can allow the user to customize its settings to ensure their baked goods start with the perfect dough and batter every time. For those who own a cupcake business, this is the perfect mixer for fulfilling larger orders. You can also use it for the batter and then later on when you're making the frosting. Commercial dough mixers make life easier for busy bakers of every description, with the General Gem 20 Quart Planetary Mixer being the mixer of choice for professionals, though home bakers love it too. What Can I Make with General Gem 20 Quart Planetary Mixer? With the General Gem 20 Quart Planetary Mixer, you can let your culinary imagination run wild! You no longer have to mix doughs and batters by hand and its attachments make a variety of items perfectly-mixed as well as light and airy. Use the wire whip for mixing fluffy frostings, the flat batter beater for a range of batters, such as cakes, brownies, cookies and more. The dough hook is a must-have for when you want to bake authentic, chewy pizza doughs and other perfectly-textured and moist breads.

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