Generic External Laptop Battery Charger for HP HDX X18 HDX18 Pavilion dv7 dv7/CT Pavilion dv7-1000 Series


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NEW External Laptop Battery Charger for HSTNN-DB74 Charges Laptop Batteries' part numbers : 464059-141, 480385-001, 516355-001, 516916-001, HSTNN-DB74, HSTNN-DB75, HSTNN-IB74, HSTNN-IB75, HSTNN-OB75, HSTNN-XB75 Charges Batteries for the following Laptops: HP HDX X18 HDX18 Pavilion dv7 dv7/CT dv7-1000 Series Functions: 1. You can charge your orignal battery or spare one with this charger directly. Do not need the AC adapter. 2. Read battery information from the battery protective plate and then regulate the output voltage and current. 3. With five LEDs, four green for charging status and one red for power indicating. 4. Intelligent protection against over-current, over-voltage, over-charge, over-heat and short circuit. 5. With the repair zero-voltage-battery function. 6. Simplify charging process, save your time and keep your laptop in good condition, especially if you own two batteries or more. (BATTERY IS NOT INCLUDED) Basic Parameters: Input voltage: AC 100-240V. Max. output power: 40W Output voltage: DC 7.2V-14.8V Max. output current: 2A Warranty: Full 1 year. Length of charging time: 8 hours max.(Different charging time for batteries of different capacity) Charging Instruction: Normal Working condtion: Four green charging lights and the power light go on after switching on. The charger reads the battery information from the battery protective plate, and then starts charging. If the battery comes with SMBUS, the four LED's will show the capacity status. Charger green LED status shows Capacity Percentage is as follows: All the four LEDs blink circularly: < 25% Capacity Percentage. LED1 is on, the other three LEDs blink circularly: < 50% Both LED1 and LED2 are on, Both LED3 and LED4 blink circularly: < 75% LED4 blinks. The other three LEDs are on: < 100% All the four LEDs are on. = 100%

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