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Hawking Technology Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Smart Dish Repeater (HAW2DR)


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Hawking Technology Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Smart Dish Repeater (HAW2DR)Banish Wireless Dead Spots once and for all with the Hawking Technology HAW2DR Use this dish repeater to create a fast and reliable wireless connection and eliminate expensive wiring. Increase your range with the Hawking Technology HAW2DR by wirelessly picking up signal from an existing router or access point and then seamlessly extending it to your Wi-Fi enabled devices. Innovative dish design amplifies receiving and distributing signals up to 3X stronger than other standard wireless repeaters. Using Smart Antenna Technology, the HAW2DR combines two antennas to intelligently manage signals through multiple pathways to ensure better range and performance. Installation is simple and can even be completed on your smartphone or tablet, no cables, wires, or CD-ROMs required. Hi-Gain coverage increases wireless performance up to 3X stronger than most devices in the market. View larger Set up the HAW2DR to connect to your indoor router and bring your network outside. View larger Optimize Range and Performance with Dual-Polarization MIMO The Hawking Technology HAW2DR uses smart antenna technology called MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output). Wireless-N uses MIMO technology to send signals along multiple pathways to ensure a strong user connection and the fastest data throughput possible. The HAW2DR has two high power antennas built into one enclosure. Most antennas on the market are 1T1R (one antenna transmitting and receiving), but the HAW2DR is 2T2R (two transmitting/two receiving), giving you 300Mbps throughput. Built-in polarization variation also guarantees that the two transmitting and two receiving signals do not interfere with each other. With smart antenna technology, the HAW2DR is an ideal component for large area networks. Wireless Networking Anywhere Trouble accessing your network from your backyard? Set up the HAW2DR to connect to your indoor router and bring your network outside! Watch movies online from that bedroom on the other side of the house when you setup the HAW2DR. Pick up signal from a remote network and bring it into your condo. You can even provide extended coverage for your hotel or restaurant lobby. With the Hawking Hi-Gain Smart Dish Repeater the options are endless! Secure Networking The Hawking HAW2DR works with 2.4ghz Wireless 802.11 b/g/n networks. With its built-in firewall and latest security standards, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is protected. Built with Smart Antenna Technology (MIMO) to optimize your data transfer speed. View larger What's in the Box One Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Smart Dish Repeater, a Quick Installation Guide, and one CD-ROM (Contains User Manual & Product Information). System Requirements A wired or Wireless network device: smartphone, tablet, Windows or Mac Computer Access to a wireless internet connection A web browser, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari, or equivalent Wi-Fi Internet Access (i.e. Hotspot, Wireless Access Point, Router) .

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