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Hawking Technology Whole Home WDS Mesh Multifunction Extender Wi-Fi System (HWABN25X2)


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The HWABN25X2 is a Whole Home WDS MESH WiFi Extender System uses two HWABN25 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Multifunction Extender Pros to create a wide coverage, long range WiFi network. Using the WDS settings will allow you setup a MESH WiFi Extender network. Wireless Distributing System (WDS) allows you to spread WiFi over a large area or over multiple floors. It allows a wireless network to expand using multiple access points without the requirement of each unit being wired. Wire the first unit to your network to establish a base station and just power on the other units. Those units will automatically connect to the base station and broadcast a signal. The HWABN25X2 comes with two units and is expandable up to 4 HWABN25's with the same wireless name (SSID) to create one large, seamless network.

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