iDGLAX LED HDMI Projector 1080P HD Compatible (Native 800 x 480) for Home Theater, Movie, Video Games with USB (DG-V737)


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iDGLAX Dream Land DG-V737 LCD projector allows you to scale images up to 60, 72, 80, 100 or 150 inches, according to your needs. With 800x480 pixels resolution, iDGLAX LCD projector projects high-definition picture quality. The 1500 lumens brightness of iDGLAX projector delivers vivid and lively images. Included with 2 built-in speakers, iDGLAX LCD projector produces superior sound for a realistic picture viewing effect. iDGLAX LCD projector comes with 20000 hours of average Lamp Life, which boosts its power endurance, providing longer working hours. The compact body of IDGLAX LCD DG-V737 projector can be easily hanged to the ceiling. You can also hide its projection screen, when not in use.

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