Impecca USB5M 5-Watt Car Adapter - Black


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Extra small and attractive, the 5W USB Car Adapter has a smooth piano finish and instantly turns your car’s cigarette outlet into a universal USB charger, while taking up the least amount of space as possible. The compact design will make this accessory a must in every laptop bag, car, or purse. It’s no-fuss compatibility with mobile phones, MP3 & MP4 players, PC Tablets, E-Book Readers, Gaming Devices, Smart Phones, and GPS Systems makes the Impecca USB 5M a resourceful and adaptable tool for the mobile user. It’s also super convenient as a effective alternative to only charging your phone and other electronic devices at a computer, through a USB Cable. Charge your device while on the road, and you’ll never run out of power again! The Impecca USB 102L carries a Lifetime Warranty. Input: 12-24 Volt Output: 5 Volt, 1000mA

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