Industrial System Engineering for Drones


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Explore a complex mechanical system where electronics and mechanical engineers work together as a cross-functional team. Using a working example, this book is a practical ���how to��� guide to designing a drone system. As system design becomes more and more complicated, systematic, and organized, there is an increasingly large gap in how system design happens in the industry versus what is taught in academia. While the system design basics and fundamentals mostly remain the same, the process, flow, considerations, and tools applied in industry are far different than that in academia. Designing Drone Systems takes you through the entire flow from system conception to design to production, bridging the knowledge gap between academia and the industry as you build your own drone systems. What You���ll Learn Gain a high level understanding of drone systems Design a drone systems and elaborating the various aspects and considerations of design Review the principles of the industrial system design process/flow, and the guidelines for drone systems Look at the challenges, limitations, best practices, and patterns of system design Who This Book Is For Primarily for beginning or aspiring system design experts, recent graduates, and system design engineers. Teachers, trainers, and system design mentors can also benefit from this content.

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