Install Centric ICGM2BN GMC/Chevrolet Full Size 1988-94 Truck RED Complete Installation Solution for Car Stereos


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The Install Centric ICGM2BN complete installation solution is an ideal choice for installing an aftermarket stereo into your GMC/Chevrolet Full Size 1988-94 Truck Red vehicles without altering the dash. Everything you need to perform a basic aftermarket stereo installation is included: the dash kit, wire harness, antenna adapter and wire connectors. The single DIN dash kit includes a kit panel, a trim ring and brackets and is manufactured from high-grade ABS with precision tolerances so it delivers a gapless fit between the dash and the kit. The wire harness allows you to connect to the factory harness without cutting any wires. The ICGM2BN kit includes step by step instructions and colored coded wires for an easier installation.

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