KEF KUBE 10b Subwoofer


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Each KUBE subwoofer features a DSP pre-amplifier, 300 watt RMS, and a front-firing 8", 10", or 12" LF driver, which is optimal for both standalone use and installation. The new iteration of KUBE also features KEF Smart Compression Limiting, which allows the DSP to analyze the input signal and apply compression limiting to prevent amplifier clipping, as well as keep the driver in its linear operating range. This allows the subwoofer to play louder and be more dynamic. The subwoofers also feature KEF Smart Connect, which automatically detect whether an LFE or Stereo input is connected and adjusts subwoofers volume level accordingly. Each KUBE also comes with 3 pre-programmed custom EQ settings - free standing, corner, and wall and in-cabinet installations - to augment performance based on installation location. Customize your KUBE even further by switching to speaker-level input for use with whole house music systems, or adjust the gain, phase, low pass filter, and crossovers to your liking.

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