KEF R700 Floorstanding Loudspeaker - Walnut (Pair)


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The KEF R700 exudes sophistication, not only in its contemporary design and use of high quality real wood and piano high gloss finishes, but in its class-leading sonic reproduction. The R700 floorstanding speaker uses a 5 inch point-source Uni-Q driver array to fluently produce both high and mid frequencies, as well as two 6.5 inch aluminum bass drivers to give your audio experience that extra rumble. What you'll get from this combination is an accurate, spacious sound image that approaches the benchmark standards of our legendary REFERENCE Series. The R700 features a 5 inch Uni-Q driver array with a 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter at its acoustic center. This Uni-Q driver array offers an especially articulated high-end response, thanks to a large neodymium magnet and a computer-optimized dome structure so stiff that it operates pistonically over its entire working range. On top of all that, our 'tangerine' waveguide ensures a wide and even dispersion without interference between the high-frequency and mid-frequency drivers. The R700 floorstanding speaker also features two 6.5 inch low-frequency drivers both above and below the Uni-Q array, which feature massive vented magnet assemblies and large, lightweight aluminium voice coils driving an inner hybrid cone each. This setup ensures a clean, deep and uncompressed bass output with superb dynamics.

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