Lenovo 42T4435 Charger 20v 4.5A 90 W 7.7mm-5.5mm Pin Inside Connector


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Lenovo 42T4435 Charger 20 Volts 4.5 Amps 90 watts 7.7mm-5.5mm Pin Inside connector Fits most Lenovo Laptops Compatible with the following Lenovo AC Adapter Part Numbers:40Y7630 40Y7649 40Y7656 40Y7658 40Y7659 40Y7660 40Y7661 40Y7662 40Y7663 40Y7664 40Y7665 40Y7666 40Y7667 40Y7668 40Y7669 40Y7670 40Y7671 40Y7672 40Y7673 40Y7674 40Y7696 40Y7697 40Y7698 40Y7699 40Y7700 40Y7701 40Y7702 40Y7703 40Y7704 40Y7705 40Y7706 40Y7707 40Y7708 40Y7709 40Y7710 40Y7711 42T4417 42T4419 42T4421 42T4423 42T4425 42T4427 42T4429 42T4431 42T4433 42T4435 42T4439 42T4469 42T4471 42T5000 42T5275 42T5277 42T5282 42T5283 42T5292 42T5293 42T5295 45N0068 92P1103 92P1104 92P1105 92P1106 92P1107 92P1108 92P1109 92P1110 92P1111 92P1112 92P1113 92P1114 92P1153 92P1154 92P1155 92P1156 92P1157 92P1158 92P1159 92P1160 92P1211 92P1212 92P1213 92P1214 93P5026 PA-1900-17I

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