Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 Battery


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Lenovo Tablet 2 Battery Improve your battery life with a brand new Lenovo Tablet 2 battery. We use the highest quality lithium-ion battery cells and components that charge faster, last longer and weigh less than cheaper, lower quality and lower rated batteries. Batteries with low mAh or Wh ratings can wear out quickly. This Lenovo battery is 100% compatible with the original Lenovo battery specifications and is individually tested and backed by a 2 Year warranty. Tech Specs Xtend brand 3.7 Volts 30 Whr 4 cell Samsung (South Korea) Black Assembled in China 2 Year Warranty 30 day full satisfaction guarantee 300-500 recharge cycles You can expect about 5 - 6 hours of run time with this Lenovo 45N1741 battery when new, depending on your energy use. Replaces these Lenovo battery part numbers: 45N1096 45N1097

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