Lion lover I love lions

Lion lover I love African lions king of the jungle Africa PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets


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If you love lions or any other big cats like a Bengal tiger, jaguar, black panther, cougar, cheetah, puma, or leopard, then this is for you. Great for a visit to the zoo or to take pictures while on an African safari. Lions are the kings of the beasts. Great Christmas or birthday gift for your grandfather, grandmother, father, dad, husband, mother, mom, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, uncle, aunt, son, daughter, kids, children, brother, sister, nephew, niece, cousin, boss, best friend, or any big cat lover. Collapsible grip provides a secure hold for easier texting, calling, photos, and selfies. Expandable stand to watch videos, take group photos, FaceTime, and Skype handsfree. Advanced adhesive allows you to remove and reposition on most devices and cases. Note: will not stick to some silicone, waterproof, or highly textured cases. Packaging includes an adhesive disc for customers applying directly to iPhone 8, 8+, X and other glass-backed phones.

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