Meridian Director USB DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter)


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Director is a simple way to enjoy Meridian and make all your digital music sound its best. Director is a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) designed to deliver superior audio quality from any digital source. UPGRADE MUSIC THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME Built in Britain to the same standards as any Meridian product, Director breathes new life into digital sources when listened to on analogue hi-fi systems. Director forms the ideal add-on for network players and music servers with digital outputs, bringing Meridian performance and ultimate sound quality to an entirely new class of audio products and systems. These sound enhancing technologies are derived from the award-winning line of Reference 800 Series components, and significantly out-perform the DACs found in computers and most network players.

Meridian Director USB DAC

Performance Features Ergonomics Value PRICE $699 AT A GLANCE Plus Enhances computer audio Sleek design High-end build quality Minus No headphone jack Ambiguous indicators THE VERDICT The Director is the best USB DAC we’ve heard yet. I will never forget the moment when I first heard digital audio in 1985. It was a profound disappointment. I had just bought my first CD player and played my first Compact Disc. The sound was harsh and alienating. How could that be? CDs offered perfect sound forever. There must be something wrong with my ears, I thought. It took years to trust my senses and rethink my digital signal source.

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