Mohu Curve 30 TV Antenna Indoor 30 Mile Range (MH-110950)


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Mohu Curve 30 reinvents the traditional indoor HDTV antenna. Curve 30 is the ultimate expression of the beauty and simplicity Mohu builds into every product. With its advanced technology inside, Curve 30's elegance shines in its clean, graceful shape that captures broadcast television channels like a sail catches the wind. Your Curve 30 makes a beautiful design statement on a shelf, countertop, table or any other flat surface, while providing you with clear TV reception. Designed to be very easily plugged in and set up, the Curve 30 allows you to almost instantly enjoy free access to available over-the-air TV broadcast channels in crisp, clear full 1080 HDTV. Depending on what's broadcast in your area, you'll soon be able to watch popular national TV networks and local TV shows at no cost. With Mohu Curve 30 you no longer have to pay high monthly cable or satellite bills to enjoy your favorite shows. Curve 30 can pull in your favorite local and national news, weather, sitcoms, kids' shows, TV series and sports programming with NO monthly contract or bills. Curve can find all available over-the-air broadcast TV channels within a 30-mile radius of your home. Disclaimer: Channel reception will vary based on what is broadcast in your area, your distance from broadcast towers, and any geographical obstructions between you and the towers. Before you buy, use Mohu's web tool to see what channels are available in your area. Channel reception depends primarily on geographical location and terrain. ESPN and FOX News (among other paid cable channels) are not available via free HDTV broadcast. Email us at for help setting up your product.

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