Mohu Sky 60 TV Antenna MH-110601

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Mohu Sky HDTV Antenna [] (View larger) The SkyHDTV® antenna is the newest addition to the Mohu product family and offers a completely new take on the traditional rooftop or attic-mounted antenna. From the makers of the #1 Rated Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor Antenna comes the Sky: a powerful, multidirectional antenna solution that can provide an entire house with free over-the-air broadcast television in 1080. Disclaimer: Channel reception will vary based on what is broadcast in your area, your distance from broadcast towers, and any geographical obstructions between you and the towers. 1. Before you buy, use Mohu’s web tool to see what channels are available in your area at 2. Channel reception depends primarily on geographical location and terrain. 3. ESPN and FOX News (among other cable channels) are not available via free HDTV broadcast. Email us at for help setting up your product. You can also visit or call 1-855-4GOMOHU (855-446-6648). Mohu Sky HDTV Antenna Mounted [] (View larger) Despite its compact size, the Sky boasts a reception range of up to 60 miles (or more, depending on location). The Sky is powered by a tightly integrated 15dB amplifier and provides best-in-class performance with truly unique aesthetics. The Sky comes as a complete package with a 30-foot precision low loss cable and mounting bracket. You can even connect the Sky to your home's existing cable network and splitters (not included). The Sky allows you to watch free, high definition broadcasts on all of the TVs in your home with unmatched performance and signal quality. Mohu Sky HDTV Antenna Flat [] Mohu Sky HDTV Antenna Icons [] UNIQUE DESIGN The patent pending Sky was developed from research conducted by Mohu's engineers for the United States Navy. It weighs only three pounds and is one inch thick providing numerous mounting options. The antenna design is unlike anything that you will find in competitors' products. Similar to the Mohu Leaf® and Leaf Ultimate®, the Sky is multidirectional and does not have to be accurately pointed toward the television towers, meaning that you can receive broadcasts from multiple towers without readjusting the antenna. Unlike other outdoor antenna products, the Sky is small enough to be easily mounted in an attic. It is also very inconspicuous when the included mast is mounted closely to the side of a house. The Sky delivers digital television channels in stunning HD on both UHF and VHF spectrums. Being weather and lightening resistant, the Sky can withstand even the harshest of outdoor conditions. Like all Mohu products, the Sky is a unique and progressive blend of form, innovation, performance and functionality. Clean Peak Technology [] DUAL POWERING OPTIONS The Mohu Sky amplifier can be powered via USB or power cube delivering 15dB of gain for optimal performance. The amplifier also includes Mohu's innovative CleanPeak™ filtering technology, removing potential interference from FM and cellular signals. What's in the box? Mohu Whats in the box [] Mohu Logo [] ABOUT MOHU Mohu antennas represent the highest caliber of quality and performance at an affordable price for those looking to cut the cord and receive free over the air broadcast television in full 1080. Mohu's paper-thin Leaf Antenna was named a Top 10 Gadget of 2012 by Yahoo!/CNBC and has raised the bar in the indoor HDTV antenna arena. Mohu is a division of Greenwave Scientific Inc. and is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Features Mohu Leaf HDTV Antenna Logo []Mohu Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna Logo [] Mohu Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna Logo [] Supports Top Broadcast Shows for FreeXXXSupports 1080p HDXXX Works With any Digital-ready TV(ATSC)XXXMultidirectional ReceptionXX XPaper-Thin DesignXXReversible To Match DecorXXIncludes TV Signal AmplifierXXOutdoor CompatibleXIncludes USB Cord + AC Adapter for Dual Powering OptionsXX Includes Hook and Loop Mounting TabsXXIncludes Mounting PoleXIncludes 10' Coaxial CableXIncludes 16' Coaxial CableXIncludes 30' Coaxial CableX35+ Mile RangeX 50+ Mile RangeX60+ Mile RangeX QUICK OVERVIEW * A completely new take on the traditional roof top / attic mounted antenna * Multidirectional: Does not have to be pointed * Based on technology developed for the US Military * Antenna Mounting Kit included * Includes 30 ft. high performance cable * Dual powering options: USB or power cube * CleanPeak™ filter technology provides low noise, state-of-the-art amplification * 60 mile range

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