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Monitor Audio Silver 10 Three-Way Tower Speaker Each (High Gloss White Lacquer)


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Silver 10 is a completely new model introduction, comprising a three-way configuration in a large floor-standing tower system. Equipped to energise the largest of rooms with naturally explicit wideband audio from music and film sources.

Monitor Audio Silver 10 Speaker System

Monitor Audio Silver 10 Speaker System Performance Build Quality Value Monitor Audio W-12 Subwoofer Performance Build Quality Value PRICE $5,925 ($6,600 as shown in gloss black) AT A GLANCE Plus Crisp, open sound Superb imaging First-rate fit and finish Minus Two-way center channel Limited subwoofer output THE VERDICT The center speaker suffers the usual off-axis quirks of a two-way design, and the small sub came up short for the deepest movie bass, but Monitor’s Silver series is a triumph, a treat to hear, and well worth seeking out for a serious audition. Monitor Audio offers an exceptionally wide range of speakers, from the decidedly expensive (but not nosebleed high-end) to the modestly priced. In 2010, I reviewed the company’s relatively affordable Silver RX system. That line has now been completely redesigned, losing its RX moniker and morphing into the Silver series. Like the RXs before them, the Silvers were designed at Monitor’s U.K. headquarters and are built in a company-owned plant in China. For this review, we’ve selected the largest of the floorstanders, the Silver 10, along with the Silver Centre, the Silver W-12 subwoofer, and, instead of the Silver FX dedicated surround speakers, a pair of Silver 2s to serve the surround channels.

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