NEW XRT112 LCD LED Smart TV Remote Control with iHeart Radio App for VIZIO D500IB1 D500I-B1 D650I D650IB2 D650I-B2 D6501 E24-C1 E24C1 E28H-C1 E28HC1 E231I-B1 E231IB1 E241IA1


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this remote operates the following modelsd500ib1 d500i b1 d650i d650ib2 d650i b2 d6501 e24 c1 e24c1 e28h c1 e28hc1 e231i b1 e231ib1 e241ia1 e241i a1 e241i a1w e241ia1w e241i b1 e241ib1 e280i a1 e280ia1 e280i b1 e280ib1 e291ia1 e291i a1 e320fi b0...

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