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One for All Amplified HDTV Antenna for 1080P 4K Free TV Channels, 25 Miles Reception Range, External Signal Booster and 10ft Coax Cable Included, Thin Dual Color Design White/Black, Model 14503


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One For All Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna: Combining a thin dual color design, this easy to install TV Antenna is a great way to get free TV channels. Thanks to its 360° multi-directional reception, no pointing in any particular direction is needed. Includes a 10-foot coaxial cable. This One For All HDTV antenna receives free HD channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and many more. Check channel availability in 3 simples steps using our Channel checker tool at  the channelchecker website. For detail instruction on how to install this antenna, please refer to the user manual. Don't forget to do a channel scan on your TV or Set-Top-Box after connecting your antenna (and every time you re-position the antenna) to see what channels you will be able to receive. In case of questions about installation or improving channel coverage, please call the One For All support line at 855-823-3422 This antenna has a reception range of 25 miles, perfect to access to free HDTV channels in 1080 HD. Please keep in mind that reception quality and the numbers of channels received are dependent on multiple factors like distance from TV broadcast tower, broadcast power, line of sight, terrain, metal construction materials and other environmental factors.

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