OREI XD-1290 4K PAL HDMI to NTSC HDMI Video Converter Built in Digital DVB-T TV Tuner - Change Channels - Worldwide Voltage


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High Quality Conversion - Converts Any PAL (50hz) Signal to NTSC HDMI (60hz) 1080p, 4K 2K, Converts any NTSC (60hz) to PAL HDMI (50hz), Built-in DVB-T Tuner for PAL/SECAM Over-the-Air DVB-T channels in PAL Countries. Capable of upscaling video resolutions from as low as 640x480@60Hz to 4096x2160@24/25/60Hz or downscaling from 4096x2160@24/25/60Hz to 720p@50Hz.

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