Ortofon Super OM 10 Turntable Cartridge


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New Technology and Further Optimization For almost five decades Ortofon has been committed to perfecting the sound from analog records. Extensive research and creative application of technology and materials have resulted in an impressive number of award-winning designs. The latest the MC 3000 Mk II moving coil cartridge is the new reference among audiophiles and critics all over the world. But Ortofon has also been designing and manufacturing magnetic cartridges for more than 20 years. In providing an economic alternative to the renowned Ortofon moving coil cartridges the magnetic models have established a firm position for themselves among music lovers and Hi-Fi cognoscenti the world over. Naturally the magnetic cartridges also benefit from Ortofon’s research and experience in transducer technology Ortofon Super OM 10 Turntable Cartridge

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