Parrot - 4K Drone - Anafi Work - Complete Nomad Pro Pack - 4K HDR 21 MP Camera 180° Orientation and Lossless Zoom - 3D Modeling Software - The Ultra-Compact Drone for All Professionals


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★ The Pro Drone Anafi 4K is an ultra-compact device for all professionals. Its 4K HDR / 21 MP camera captures aerial images in high resolution. With a unique 180° orientation, it allows you to inspect, monitor and film hard-to-reach areas. Its zoom without loss of quality allows you to keep a safe distance during inspection work. 3-axis hybrid image stabilization delivers ultra-stable videos and photos. ★ With a combined flight time of 4x25 min, a travel charger USB type-C (to charge your batteries in between 2 flights) and a USB multi-port charger (to charge your batteries simultaneously), the 4K drone is always ready to fly in no time. Its perfect stability in winds of up to 50km/h and its silent flight are two additional advantages for successful videos. ★ Easy to carry in its compact shoulder bag, the UAV can be controlled intuitively even in difficult areas with the FreeFlight 6 mobile app. ★ Modelling with ANAFI Work: create 3D models easily and quickly and perform precise measurements (access Pix4Dmodel via the myPBS coupon included in the pack). Post-flight inspection on 3D models is done directly from any web browser. With the mobile application Pix4Dcapture, automatic data capture allows autonomous mapping luded in the pack : ✔ Drone ANAFI✔ Parrot Skycontroller 3✔ Compact shoulder bag✔ 4 smart batteries✔ 1 multi-port USB charger✔ USB Cables USB-A / USB-C✔ 8 additional propellers and mounting tool✔ 16GB microSD card✔ One-year subscription to Pix4Dmodel

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