Parrot - Thermal Drone 4K - Anafi Thermal - 2 High Precision Cameras - Thermal Camera -14°F to 752°F + 4K HDR Camera - The Ultra-Compact Thermal Drone for All Professionals


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✔An AF I thermal is the ultra-compact and lightweight thermal drone imaging solution, efficient and accessible to all. ✔2 high precision cameras to capture the invisible and visible: 1 Flir radiometric thermal camera (-10°c to +400°c) and 1 4K HDR camera with 180° tilt, 3x zoom and 3 batteries. ✔ thanks to its unique foldable, ultra-compact and lightweight design, the an AF I thermal UAV Unfolds and is operational in 3 seconds. Smart battery 26 min flight - Wi-Fi connection up to 4 km - automatic return to takeoff point - custom is able geo-barrier - wind resistance 50 km/h. ✔ from the free flight 6 application, you can easily switch from an RGB view to a thermal view or merge the two for a more easily understandable Rendering. The details of the scene are visible and colored. ✔ The an AF I thermal drone produces thermal readings and an overview of thermal losses for all construction professionals, but is also ideal for the safety industry (monitoring heat points without endangering teams) and the energy sector (identifying a power supply failure, in a defective solar panel). quiet, an AF I thermal will also be able to approach animals without frightening them.1 an AF I thermal uav 1 Parrot sky controller 3 3 smart batteries 1 transport bag 1 multi-port USB chargers tablet holder 8 spare propeller blades 1 microSD card of 16gb 4 USB-A/USB-C cables

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