PDP Xbox One MARS Starter Pack - Qubit's Quest, 048-133-NA

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Welcome to the Rover Blaster Tactical Team. It's your job to protect Qubit, a suburban robotic canine used for the transportation of important surveillance data! Your mission is to ensure the safe delivery of Qubit and these communications. Be careful! He may have a tough exterior, but he's easily distracted. You can also compete against your frenemies in one of the 10 fast-paced minigames! We've partnered  with video game developer Two Okes Entertainment to bring you this fun, family-friendly action platformer and third-person shooter. This MARS Qubit's Quest Starter Pack comes with an IR STATION  (camera) that detects the laser on any display, including SD, HD, 4K, and projectors. You'll also get one LIGHTCON (lightgun) and a digital copy of the game. The MARS unit supports up to 4 players for co-op adventure campaigns.

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